Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Sorrowful Rose

Alright, well here's the first poem of this installment, and this is one that I myself wrote:

A young enchanting rose
Scarlet red and luscious green
But all things living
Turn to dust
The lovely rose
Once full of life
Now wilting away
In autumn showers
Once red
Now bleak
Blown apart
By deceiving winds
 Remember, constructive criticism only, not everybody will like the same type of poetry so negative comments are unneeded. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the poem, there will be more to come.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Webmasters Don't Get Scammed

Recently I received a letter in the mail to register my domain. No, not this one. This is a free sub-domain. I got it from one of my sites that I own the domain. The letter was from Domain Registry of America and it appeared to be an invoice for my domain renewal.

DROA is A Scam
These deceptive letters appear as an official-looking invoice for the renewal of your domain name that are intended to actually trick you, into actually transferring your domain names away from your provider (ex: GoDaddy) to Domain Registry of America. It seems to be legitimate because it has the "of America" in the title. At first I almost considered it, until I looked at the price. It was nearly 3 times what I pay for at GoDaddy. Haha forget that. I don't need my domain that bad. I figured it was time to just sell it and be rid of it. Then I decided to look over the invoice one more time. A couple of things alerted me to it as a scam.
  1. Renew before August 31. I knew my domain was good for a year. I bought it in December.
  2. The price. I bought my Godaddy domain for roughly $7. They wanted to charge $30.

Domain Registry of America is a legitimate company. They have help lines, their website, and various other means of contacting them. Although they are legitimate, it does not mean their practices are. After a bit of research, I found that I am not the only one they have tried to get to renew my service with them. I typed in Domain Registry of America and in the suggestions I saw various uses of scam. My assumptions were correct. Whew, luckily I didn't fall for this.

What To Do?
If you fail for the scam, or just got the letter, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission (in the US) or the Ministry of Consumer Affairs' Scam Watch (NZ). Hopefully you should be able to get this matter resolved quickly.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Video 2

I want Iphone. Not something better. Just an Iphone. Idk why, I just want Iphone.

You are fat shit stupid

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Online Mobile Backup

In today's day and age, we do a lot on our phones. We take pictures, record videos, create documents, and send emails. With all that information, you need to back it up. Why you ask? There are many reasons for why you need to back up your phone. Here are just a couple of reasons.
1. More information means more memory. You don't have unlimited space on your phone. You will need to delete some things. Backing it up allows you to store it somewhere else so you can free up the space on your phone.
2. Your phone can get destroyed and you lose all of your videos and pictures. Having back up allows you to get it all back. Mobily Security is the service that I use myself. No, im not affiliated with this site. I use a website because I have a black jack 2. MBJ2 posted some information about this service. It used to be called flexilis, but now it is MyLookout Mobile Security. It has anitviris and firewall for most smartphones or phones with web access. Ex: Blackjack. iphones, blackberry, etc.

MyLookout Mobile Security provides many great features with its service. For Free!


  • Protect your device from viruses.
  • Continually monitor email, SMS messages, web pages, and application downloads.
  • To run a full virus scan open Lookout on your device and select Scan Now.
Firewall and Intrusion Protection

  • Block malicious traffic from hackers and bots.
  • No scans are necessary, just set it and forget it.
  • They'll let you know if there's a problem.

  • Back up your photos, contacts, and other data from your mobile device.
  • All your data is encrypted during transfer and stored free by Lookout.

  • Schedule regular backups or click start on the site.

  • Restore your backed-up data to your phone.
  • Transfer data from your old device to a new one.
  • Restore everything by clicking the button on the site, or select individual files in the modules.
Locate Your Device

  • Locate your device on the map within 20-1000 feet
  • You will receive an email when your phone is located
  • Network connection required; may take a few minutes
(I like this because I tend to leave my phone on vibrate and I lose it in the house sometimes)

  • Make your device emit a loud siren noise (caution: it's very loud)
  • Switch off your device to stop the screaming
  • Network connection required; may take a few minutes

  • Delete all data stored on your device if it is permanently lost or stolen
  • Back up first if you want to recover your data
  • Network connection required; may take a few minutes
I personally recommend this application for anyone with a mobile phone that it supports. Don't get caught dropping your phone in the lake and losing everything.

Note: it is recommended that you have an unlimited data plan. You could run yours or your parents' phone bill really high

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer reading for school

If you're like me you will have some books to read over the summer for school. Even though you might be used to it, I'l be surprised if you enjoy reading for school. That is the first problem that comes to my mind for engraving those books into your head.

  • Problem 1: Concentration/Motivation: Always stay focused while reading, if you are distracted by something, try to stay away from it. The more focused you are, the more you will remember about the book or books.
  • Problem 2: Picking the order of books: Some of you may choose to start off with the easy books, but that is the worse choice to do. I would suggest starting with the harder books, and then moving onto the easier ones. Now before you think, "What is this guy talking about?" let me say this; would you rather read the easy ones first, and then cloud up your head with the hard books? OR would you rather read the hard books first, and then the easy ones to rest you, and then re-read the hard ones for further help?
  • Problem 3: Take notes. I cannot express how important this is to do, whether you write down on a scrap piece of paper, or in a notebook, notes are notes. In addition to just taking notes, try to have a peer conference with others reading the same books, or even look up spark notes to help. (DO NOT just use spark notes, your teacher will know if you actually read the books or not)
Either way this is your call, these were just a couple tips on how to get the best out of your summer reading experience.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Get Info On Username

The internet is where people can be anyone they want to be, act however they want, and think that they're safe behind the computer screen. They may say things that they wouldn't say irl (in real life) to people. Sometimes these people make stupid threats with no real intention to do anything but to scare their victim.

How about you scare them?

Find Them
Most users online leave some type of trail that's not too hard to pick up. About 90% of the time, people use the same username everywhere. Forums, blogs, gaming sites, and wherever else that requires a username. Simply Google that username. You will possibly find most of the sites that they are a member of. Google will usually provide links to their profiles on those sites. You should check those profiles. Maybe they are dumb enough to put information on these profiles. Birth-dates, email, and maybe possibly their name. (If you get their name, Facebook them) I really like all these Facebook fan pages because people give their usernames on them. Especially if they're a gamer. This may also provide their Facebook. If you can get their Facebook, you can possibly get a lot of information on them.

Taunt Them
  • Go to where you usually encounter them. Mess with them with your new found knowledge. You can do it in any way you see fit.
  • If you have their email. Email them. (You may want to create a fake email so that you're not giving them your email) You can do this however you'd like as well. I personally like the "I know who you are and I will find you" approach.
  • If you have their Facebook. This is the best. Again, I'd create a fake account. I have one that I have created for a lot of reasons, so I have a bunch of "friends" haha. Anyways, you can message them. Get creative. "I know who you are. I know who your friends are. I will find you. You think you can hide behind a computer screen and do (whatever they did) and get away with it?"
If You Have Their Facebook
You can message them and try to mess with them. Either for the lulz or to get back at them. You can also shut down a person's Facebook if you really would like to hurt them. Here is a tutorial from FuckJagex (sorry if name is offensive. lol but come on. If you've seen any modern day movie, you've heard worse) on how to shut down a person's facebook. Idk if it will show unless you're a member, but here is a picture of the post just in case. The page it refers to is here.

Fuck Jagex Tutorial

Hopefully this works for you and you enjoy messing with them or getting back at them =)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gmail Today

Gmail/Facebook RequestIf you tried to go to today, you probably saw a picture like the one to the right. Asking for information. I did not and will not give them the information. If you knew how evil Google and Facebook are, you wouldn't either. Anyways, it gives you two options. Allow and No Thanks. If you choose Allow, you will be taken to your email. If you choose No Thanks, you will be taken to a blank page. Try again, and you will be taken to that page again. Basically, they aren't going to let you through unless you allow Facebook to get your information.
Simple trick to get passed it: type and you will be taken to your account.

Hope that helps

A how-to to writing poetry

   Do you ever just randomly start thinking to yourself and before you know it you have a poem in your head? However many of you are not that fortunate and have to thoroughly think things through and edit it many times over. As a published writer myself, I can say that if you carry around a pen or pencil, and any type of scrap paper, you can scratch down any ideas that come to mind. Its better to be prepared and ready then under prepared and miss the opportunity that can get you published!

Like some of you may have noticed while writing, it can be complicated to find motivation to continue writing, or trying to find a rhyme or two. What i can offer to suggest to you that may help give you ideas is that you should/could:

  • Think of someone or something that means a lot to you.
  • Listen to some of your favorite bands to get possible rhymes.
  • Sleep on it, some great ideas happen in your sleep!
  • Or even just be in a quiet room with a book to help relax.

All in all just take your time with it, don't rush, and just have fun. No one said writing has to be boring.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogger Giving Me Signs?

Today I decided I would try to be a part of the blogger community. Not just blog, but maybe venture out and possibly connect with fellow bloggers. I figured I would do this through Blogger's "Next Blog" button. The first brought up a cool black and white photo of a young boy playing Chess. He must have been somewhere that it was cold because he was wearing one of those beanies with the fuzzy ball on top. I liked the photo, so I decided to comment on it. Then, the next 15 blogs (and yes I counted) were all about Christians, christianity, and I think a preacher's blog. What the heck? Is Blogger trying to tell me something?

I'm not going to sit here and say I am atheist or agnostic, but I am certainly not a Christian. Growing up, my parents tried to raise me as baptist, but it didn't work out. I'm just not a believer. I won't look down on someone because of their beliefs at all, but if people try to shove Christianity down my throat, or think of me as a bad person because I don't believe, then that person really won't like what I have to say. I'm not saying that a God does not exist and that believers are morons, I just don't really know, and I really don't care. I'll just live my life. If people want to get up early every Sunday morning to go to church and give them some of their money (what is it, 10% of their paycheck?) and that makes them happy. More power to them. As long as they are happy.

Do you believe in some higher power?
-If so, why? Is it because your parents made you go to church while you were growing up? Are you one of those people that shove it in other people's faces? Do you think your God would want that? For you to force him on other people, possibly causing them to dislike you and "him" even more? Do you stop to realize that that's what you're doing? You're not spreading the word, you're just pissing people off and that the chances of them going to church are probably slimmer than when you started your "You need to believe" rant. If I were a cashier at a store, are you the kind of person that wouldn't come to my line because I don't believe?
-If not, why? Did something happen to make you believe there isn't something out there? Maybe a death of a loved one? Did your parents raise you to be atheist or agnostic? Do you ridicule believers and try to make them feel like crap?

I seriously think we should all just live our own lives and not try to make others believe or not believe. Let them think what they want. Does it seriously hurt you that someone doesn't share your views? Hope about you just not give a rats ass. Don't bring up the subject, and if they do, let it die. Stupid conflicts have arisen just from "So, do you believe in God/Allah/Jihad?"

Idk. Kind of random, and I know it was kind of rambling, but oh well. That's me for ya.
Maybe I'll try the "Next Blog" button another time =)

Weekly Wednesday Video 1

Hot Girl Spoof of Billionaire
Ijustine and her friend

This is our first Weekly Wednesday Video.. We may change it to Weekly Wednesday webisode.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Want to Be a Published Writer?

For any of you writers out there that dont know what to do with your pieces, theres a site out there that can help you. If you follow this link, you can submit poetry and essays, no matter what type they are, into a competition for prizes. The competition is nationwide and has numerous contestants, so there is a possibility of you not making it on the first go, however, they do it throughout the entire year, with a spring, fall, winter, and summer selections. But this is not for just anyone. You must:

  • Be in/or under the grade level: 12th (senior year in highschool).

  • Go to the website poeticpower and follow directions there.

  • Check the times available to submit your essay and/or poem.

  • Submit only one per season, if you submit more than one, you probably will get disqualified

Good luck to those who submit their work! Best of luck to you all.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Make Money Writing?

If you knew me, you'd know I hate writing. I am the guy that sleeps until an hour before his class, types a paper of BS, and then rushes to turn it into his professor. How I usually get good grades, I have no clue. I could tell stories about my master pieces of BS and how they earned me good grades, but I wouldn't want to promote my habit as a necessarily good one.

But what good are those papers? Are they just for the teacher to give it a grade and that's it? All the time for a grade? There has got to be a way for it to mean more. How about some extra cash? Sounds good doesn't it? To get paid to write. Sounds pretty darn good. You could just copy your paper (after you've turned it in) and submit it to a site and get paid for it. Heck, it doesn't even have to be just a paper from school. You could post an article about anything.

How can you get paid to write articles?
There are many ways to get paid. Here is a quick list of ideas and brief descriptions.

  • Submit to a Pay per View Site: At the moment I know both Triond and Bukisa pay per view for an article. They pay just a little per view, so if you can get views, you can get the cash. They also make it so your article can be seen in a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) so that you can receive more views. Example of article submitted to Triond

  • Offer your writing article services from your website: Showcase some of your writing, so people can get to know you style and areas of expertise. Many business owners are willing to pay to have articles written for them, so that they have fresh content targeted for their readers. Writer's charge anywhere from $50 to over $300 for an article.

  • Submit your articles for consideration in newspapers, trade journals, magazines, etc: Always check the submission guidelines and submit appropriately. Wear your thick skin and be prepared for rejection, but don't get discouraged and keep submitting your work. Generally, it will be easier to get published in smaller publication, but the pay may be lower. Assignments can pay as little as a few dollars to several hundred.

  • Compile in an Ebook: If you have several articles, or maybe poetry would work best, you can put it all together and try to sell it to a site or put it on Ebay. Title it so that it catches the eyes of the views. "Collaborations of the Jane Doe"

There are many ways to get paid for your works. So take those old papers you have saved on your computer and get them out there to make you money. Maybe even write a poem or two.
*NOTE- If you do use papers that you are turning into to a teacher/professor, make sure you do it after you have your grade for that paper. You may even consider waiting until after that class. Some professors use tools to see if student are turning in plagiarized materials, and if your work shows up, you could suffer consequences. Each school and professor deals with plagiarism differently. Just make sure you watch out.

Kittens In Autotune

Lol. Catchy

Then It Started

Haven't really tended to this blog in a few months. Life has been in the way, and things tend to be forgotten. Now Shin48 has joined and hopefully we shall get it up and running. This shall be our very first post as a team as we start our campaign. At the moment, we don't know where we are headed, but when we figure it out, you will know it along with us