Poetic Corner

      For you that are now joining us, I am pleased to announce that I will be starting a "Sunday Poetry Day". On these days, I will be listing poems that either I have written, or famous poems that we can discuss. Also, as a guest feel free to:

  •           Comment on the poems, just keep it mature and constructive criticism only would be appreciated. 

  •          Add to the list of poetry, whether by listing your own works, or submitting ideas. We will post the poems that you suggest to us in a few days if not sooner.

  •          Discuss the poems with other guests and us. We can try to figure out what the message is that the author was trying to give us.

  •          Ask for help with terms, writer's block, anything poetry related you are having problems with.

   As with most writers, the poetry they produce varies greatly with one another, so expect a wide variety of poetry within this page. Personally, I have written several dark themed poetry relating to certain events in history (You will see what i mean when you read them). However, my poems vary from dark to happy, to sad and neutral. Remember that all comments are welcomed and read. Enjoy the page!

Beneath are the links to the poems, and their author, in order of entry date:

The Rose of My Life Shin 48
The Sorrowful Rose  Shin48