Monday, November 9, 2009

Money From Home

I picked up this site not too long ago. Its really pretty cool. Preview
Yeah yeah, it seems like a scam. but its NOT. ive earned over $120 from the site and have paid for xbox live points and FIFA 10 for my little brother. Im saving for a laptop so my family will stop using mine lol..

How does it work? You sign up and confirm your email. Then you do offers, surveys, and play games to earn points or cash.
The cash- You can withdraw in a couple ways. Paypal by check.. OR you can convert the cash to points
The points- You can use to get gift-cards for Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, and even visa gift cards

Here's some more descriptive information that what I have said. If you want to join, cool. If not, oh well. Just trying to get the information out there.

The advertisers on this site reward you for taking the time to view their ads, sign up for newsletters, take quizzes, and participate in surveys. You're paid from the advertising budget of the company sponsoring each offer; the rewards are easy to earn and yours to keep! Extra earnings are available by contests. When you earn cash it can be paid out to a check or free payment account such as PayPal.

How to earn cash and gift-cards.
It's easy to use your free time to earn cash and gift cards. While you certainly won't get rich quick or instantly earn a ton of money, if you put in a bit of effort you can earn whatever you want!

Offers (surveys, quizzes, and sign-ups)
Get paid to learn about new products, share information about yourself, or sign up for online services. While most offers are free, you will also find cashback shopping and paid/trial offers - a great way to get a deal on your online purchases!

Daily Royal Jackpot

For every offer you complete that is marked as having a Royal Jackpot Entry, you will receive 1 entry into the jackpot. Every night at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time, a winner will be randomly chosen that will receive the prize. The more entries you have the higher the chance you will win!

Monthly Contests
This site holds various contests with many great prizes. Usually I have seen cash and points as rewards, but I have seen an Xbox 360 Elite and PSP offered. Anyone can claim a place in the monthly contests by getting a lot of new referrals or earning a lot from offers.

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