Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cooley's Custom Creations Going National

Cooley's Custom Creations is originally a small time Indiana business, but now they are looking to go expand their cliental. They manually cut, weld, and create custom bicycles, tricycles, and other strange creations. The founder is Jim Cooley, an older gentleman who, in his past time, was a drag racing mechanic.

He started creating crazy bikes in his teens, starting with a six-foot-tall bike he calls the high rider. The tricycles that are made are not just any random tricycles. These tricycles are adult sized, meaing kids, teens, and adults can ride them. Many different kinds people have bought these, varying from your average day church owner, famous clowns, and even retired elderly couples.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Is The FBI Watching Everything You Do?

Was browsing my favorite forum today and I saw these videos from youtube.
Scares me to think that our government is really watching us.
After watching these, it made me think that Alex Jones from is right in this article 1984 Coming To America

Watch these videos and you tell me what you think in a comment below.
Is the government going to far?

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