Sunday, November 15, 2009

Improve Blogger Page Rank

As a Blogger blogger (weird huh? lol), you may not be getting a great page ranking. I was checking this out, even though I know I probably be a great bloger, and I found a post about how you can possibly help out your page rank. Have I tried this? Yes. I did what he mentioned. Has it worked? I do not know because page rank takes time.
But I hope you fellow bloggers try it and it works well for you =)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alexa Ranking

I've recently tried to dip into the SEO game. I don't know everything, but I am slowly gaining more and more knowledge. The best way to figure out SEO is to read read read. Today I found an awesome article on Alexa Ranking. This guy DoshDosh (Haha makes me think of Tosh.0) perfectly describes what Alexa Ranking is and what it means. Instead of trying to copy/paste his stuff, which is highly messed up since it's from his site, I decided just to link to his article because I think that any webmaster should read it and gain some good tips.
Hopefully you find it as insightful as I did

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Urg, Women

Women say they freaking hate jerks and that they want a nice guy.. BUT who do they end up with? Usually a jerk.. i usually get the same response to that "its because there are no nice guys".. BULLCRAP.. there are.. but women like the thrill of that jerk. i was that sweet guy.. know what happened? i was screwed over, cheated, left broke, for what? oh right, a freaking jerk. wait. jerks for that matter. so what did i do? i had to adapt like most men out there. we adapt. we became the jerks cuz we dont want to be alone and also, we dont want our penis to go untouched. lol. but seriously. guys will do what they can to get laid. say the sweetest words, buy everything, blah blah.. but he's usually out for one thing. dun dun dunnn..
and a woman with options. nice. good to look at. BUT, she'll get screwed over fast. why? cuz they pride themselves that they have options. some guys, they like to "rise to the challenge" and win the chick, and it be over in a week or somewhat. me? no. forget that. im not saying im trying to go for the long haul, but im not gonna deal with that crap. you're with me, you're with me. i may have a big ego sometimes, but stuff is usually said as a joke. but when a girl goes "guys are always looking at me. i was with one last night. maybe one tomorrow" thats it. bye. im not dealing with that crap. peace out. have fun.

oh, and when on a freaking date, you POSSIBLY shouldnt be texting your other options. not just one of them, but multiple. like seriously..

i was out with this girl today.. having a great time, and we had a small fight cuz she was pissin me off. what she do? use her options. oh that annoys me. so, i almost left her there. an hour away from home. but i just cant do that.. but then the night got better.. kinda.. but then we were talking about something and she goes "im a sneaky girl".. whooops.. night.. i shut up, dropped her off. bye. why do you tell a guy that? that gives him 0 trust in you.. cuz if you're sneaky with other ppl, you might as well sleep around on him too and he never find out..

so basically.. men, generally are always going after sex.

women, stupid.. but for some reason.. we need them.

guys, all we can do is hope we find one who will not rip your heart out, throw it on the ground, spit on it, and fool around with another guy on top of it..

women, dont cheat, dont be stupid, and sadly enough, give it up

and thats the ugly truth

(lol i just watched that movie. but it made very good points)

The Ugly Truth

Lol, I'm a guy.. But, I think the ugly truth was a funny movie. It really was created for men and women. I had a good laugh at it..
Totally made my day far better than it was

Monday, November 9, 2009

Money From Home

I picked up this site not too long ago. Its really pretty cool. Preview
Yeah yeah, it seems like a scam. but its NOT. ive earned over $120 from the site and have paid for xbox live points and FIFA 10 for my little brother. Im saving for a laptop so my family will stop using mine lol..

How does it work? You sign up and confirm your email. Then you do offers, surveys, and play games to earn points or cash.
The cash- You can withdraw in a couple ways. Paypal by check.. OR you can convert the cash to points
The points- You can use to get gift-cards for Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, and even visa gift cards

Here's some more descriptive information that what I have said. If you want to join, cool. If not, oh well. Just trying to get the information out there.

The advertisers on this site reward you for taking the time to view their ads, sign up for newsletters, take quizzes, and participate in surveys. You're paid from the advertising budget of the company sponsoring each offer; the rewards are easy to earn and yours to keep! Extra earnings are available by contests. When you earn cash it can be paid out to a check or free payment account such as PayPal.

How to earn cash and gift-cards.
It's easy to use your free time to earn cash and gift cards. While you certainly won't get rich quick or instantly earn a ton of money, if you put in a bit of effort you can earn whatever you want!

Offers (surveys, quizzes, and sign-ups)
Get paid to learn about new products, share information about yourself, or sign up for online services. While most offers are free, you will also find cashback shopping and paid/trial offers - a great way to get a deal on your online purchases!

Daily Royal Jackpot

For every offer you complete that is marked as having a Royal Jackpot Entry, you will receive 1 entry into the jackpot. Every night at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time, a winner will be randomly chosen that will receive the prize. The more entries you have the higher the chance you will win!

Monthly Contests
This site holds various contests with many great prizes. Usually I have seen cash and points as rewards, but I have seen an Xbox 360 Elite and PSP offered. Anyone can claim a place in the monthly contests by getting a lot of new referrals or earning a lot from offers.