Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Setup Blog

Found this fellow blogger while looking up more information on SEO. And man, awesome! Very good information. I am certainly going to keep going back to his site. Heck, I may even subscribe. I don't really even do that on youtube. I hope he can help you fellow bloggers as well. Here's a link to his article on setting up a wordpress blog on your own domain. That is, if you branch out from blogger or something.

World of Warcraft for FREE?!?!

After 2 YEARS of paying for my WoW, I was tired of it. I needed to find out how to get it for free. I googled, I yahooed, I Searched.. I did it all. FINALLY, i found the site i needed to find. FreeWoW!
Pops up and tells you that you can get free WoW. Then just tells you 3 steps on how to get it. It was that simple. I was able to order my free WoW time card in approximately 3 days and it took about a week to get to my house. Fast turn around. I totally recommend every player to check it out