Friday, July 16, 2010

A how-to to writing poetry

   Do you ever just randomly start thinking to yourself and before you know it you have a poem in your head? However many of you are not that fortunate and have to thoroughly think things through and edit it many times over. As a published writer myself, I can say that if you carry around a pen or pencil, and any type of scrap paper, you can scratch down any ideas that come to mind. Its better to be prepared and ready then under prepared and miss the opportunity that can get you published!

Like some of you may have noticed while writing, it can be complicated to find motivation to continue writing, or trying to find a rhyme or two. What i can offer to suggest to you that may help give you ideas is that you should/could:

  • Think of someone or something that means a lot to you.
  • Listen to some of your favorite bands to get possible rhymes.
  • Sleep on it, some great ideas happen in your sleep!
  • Or even just be in a quiet room with a book to help relax.

All in all just take your time with it, don't rush, and just have fun. No one said writing has to be boring.

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