Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogger Giving Me Signs?

Today I decided I would try to be a part of the blogger community. Not just blog, but maybe venture out and possibly connect with fellow bloggers. I figured I would do this through Blogger's "Next Blog" button. The first brought up a cool black and white photo of a young boy playing Chess. He must have been somewhere that it was cold because he was wearing one of those beanies with the fuzzy ball on top. I liked the photo, so I decided to comment on it. Then, the next 15 blogs (and yes I counted) were all about Christians, christianity, and I think a preacher's blog. What the heck? Is Blogger trying to tell me something?

I'm not going to sit here and say I am atheist or agnostic, but I am certainly not a Christian. Growing up, my parents tried to raise me as baptist, but it didn't work out. I'm just not a believer. I won't look down on someone because of their beliefs at all, but if people try to shove Christianity down my throat, or think of me as a bad person because I don't believe, then that person really won't like what I have to say. I'm not saying that a God does not exist and that believers are morons, I just don't really know, and I really don't care. I'll just live my life. If people want to get up early every Sunday morning to go to church and give them some of their money (what is it, 10% of their paycheck?) and that makes them happy. More power to them. As long as they are happy.

Do you believe in some higher power?
-If so, why? Is it because your parents made you go to church while you were growing up? Are you one of those people that shove it in other people's faces? Do you think your God would want that? For you to force him on other people, possibly causing them to dislike you and "him" even more? Do you stop to realize that that's what you're doing? You're not spreading the word, you're just pissing people off and that the chances of them going to church are probably slimmer than when you started your "You need to believe" rant. If I were a cashier at a store, are you the kind of person that wouldn't come to my line because I don't believe?
-If not, why? Did something happen to make you believe there isn't something out there? Maybe a death of a loved one? Did your parents raise you to be atheist or agnostic? Do you ridicule believers and try to make them feel like crap?

I seriously think we should all just live our own lives and not try to make others believe or not believe. Let them think what they want. Does it seriously hurt you that someone doesn't share your views? Hope about you just not give a rats ass. Don't bring up the subject, and if they do, let it die. Stupid conflicts have arisen just from "So, do you believe in God/Allah/Jihad?"

Idk. Kind of random, and I know it was kind of rambling, but oh well. That's me for ya.
Maybe I'll try the "Next Blog" button another time =)

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  1. Lol its an omen
    I personally believe in Christ our saviour because he has always been there for me when i needed him. I tell people that they should let him in their lives, but i dont "shove it in their faces" Not all of us christians are like that. Most of us dislike them because they do make people think negatively of us and our religion. If they believe, great. If not, then ill pray for them