Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer reading for school

If you're like me you will have some books to read over the summer for school. Even though you might be used to it, I'l be surprised if you enjoy reading for school. That is the first problem that comes to my mind for engraving those books into your head.

  • Problem 1: Concentration/Motivation: Always stay focused while reading, if you are distracted by something, try to stay away from it. The more focused you are, the more you will remember about the book or books.
  • Problem 2: Picking the order of books: Some of you may choose to start off with the easy books, but that is the worse choice to do. I would suggest starting with the harder books, and then moving onto the easier ones. Now before you think, "What is this guy talking about?" let me say this; would you rather read the easy ones first, and then cloud up your head with the hard books? OR would you rather read the hard books first, and then the easy ones to rest you, and then re-read the hard ones for further help?
  • Problem 3: Take notes. I cannot express how important this is to do, whether you write down on a scrap piece of paper, or in a notebook, notes are notes. In addition to just taking notes, try to have a peer conference with others reading the same books, or even look up spark notes to help. (DO NOT just use spark notes, your teacher will know if you actually read the books or not)
Either way this is your call, these were just a couple tips on how to get the best out of your summer reading experience.


  1. Lol wow dude. "Summer and "Reading" should never be used in the same sentence

  2. Lol i totally agree. But shin48 decided that that's what he was gonna write about