Saturday, July 17, 2010

Get Info On Username

The internet is where people can be anyone they want to be, act however they want, and think that they're safe behind the computer screen. They may say things that they wouldn't say irl (in real life) to people. Sometimes these people make stupid threats with no real intention to do anything but to scare their victim.

How about you scare them?

Find Them
Most users online leave some type of trail that's not too hard to pick up. About 90% of the time, people use the same username everywhere. Forums, blogs, gaming sites, and wherever else that requires a username. Simply Google that username. You will possibly find most of the sites that they are a member of. Google will usually provide links to their profiles on those sites. You should check those profiles. Maybe they are dumb enough to put information on these profiles. Birth-dates, email, and maybe possibly their name. (If you get their name, Facebook them) I really like all these Facebook fan pages because people give their usernames on them. Especially if they're a gamer. This may also provide their Facebook. If you can get their Facebook, you can possibly get a lot of information on them.

Taunt Them
  • Go to where you usually encounter them. Mess with them with your new found knowledge. You can do it in any way you see fit.
  • If you have their email. Email them. (You may want to create a fake email so that you're not giving them your email) You can do this however you'd like as well. I personally like the "I know who you are and I will find you" approach.
  • If you have their Facebook. This is the best. Again, I'd create a fake account. I have one that I have created for a lot of reasons, so I have a bunch of "friends" haha. Anyways, you can message them. Get creative. "I know who you are. I know who your friends are. I will find you. You think you can hide behind a computer screen and do (whatever they did) and get away with it?"
If You Have Their Facebook
You can message them and try to mess with them. Either for the lulz or to get back at them. You can also shut down a person's Facebook if you really would like to hurt them. Here is a tutorial from FuckJagex (sorry if name is offensive. lol but come on. If you've seen any modern day movie, you've heard worse) on how to shut down a person's facebook. Idk if it will show unless you're a member, but here is a picture of the post just in case. The page it refers to is here.

Fuck Jagex Tutorial

Hopefully this works for you and you enjoy messing with them or getting back at them =)

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